Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nearly two years ago

It was nearly two years ago, that I first got the keys to Painted Black a shop that had been empty for nearly two years. It had been lots of things in the past from a Dry Cleaners to a Knicker shop. Those two years have not taken long to go by and the shop looks completely different. We have had over twenty bands play in store, art house performances, vintage markets, our clothes used for shoots for national campaigns and television shows, famous clients and some of our article published in national magazines. 

We have learnt about buying habits the perils of summer and the importance of new ideas and having time off. Shop Dog Rose has settled into being a career girl and now demands love from customers. We have achieved lots and still have lots of ideas we want to full fill. This time two years ago I was alone with Shop Dog Rose, there was no power in the shop I sat on the dusty floor with a screw driver and felt content and excited. It has been hard work of course, but it also been the most fulfilling experience of my life to date and I have made some of my closet and best friends through the shop. Roll on the next two years and all the new adventures Painted Black will go on.

Some of our pieces in the 2013 Autumn Dune Campaign (dress and jacket)

Canadian opera singer Hayley Westenra in one of our vintage gowns she loved it so much she bought it

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