Thursday, 10 October 2013

Getting articles published

I always wondered how you got a article published in a magazine. Then one day I just decided to write a article and submit to some of my favourite magazines. I decided on something that was relevant to the publication and that I was interested in. I took my time and wrote what I thought I would want to read, I then bit the bullet and emailed them with the article attached and waited.... and waited and then got a few emails back, lots never got back to me and I remember one very rude email back from a online magazine (Emerald Street)- which made me laugh at its level of nastiness, I emailed back saying 'Thank you so much for the effort it must of taken to email me back and for taking the time to read the article" I always have the saying in my head 'Fuck em and eat them'.

One article I wrote was wanted by two different magazines, which was just crazy, so I was requested to write a whole new article for V&Oak magazine.

What is surprising is that the majority of editors and sub-editors are just lovely and appreciate you taking the time to write a article.  

I have had two articles published in national magazines Vintage Life magazine and V&Oak magazine. It was lovely feeling seeing something in print and I felt proud - my mum bought ever copy in North London.

My advice is tailor a article that is relevant to the magazine, be polite and don't be afraid if you do not hear back from them, just dust your self off and write another article.

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