Saturday, 1 December 2012

These past few weeks we have been busy bees.
On Friday 16th to Saturday 17th November  we played host to The End festival that took place all over Crouch End. The beers were on ice, the amps were turned up high and Crouch End rocked for two nights. We loved being apart of it, we had an array of acts from the beyond brilliant We Are Willow to the majestic Rusty Sons. We had both atmospheric sets with people sitting on the floor listening  and watching shop dog Rose waddling around staring at the acts and expecting cuddles. To the shop being filled to capacity and the windows steamed up, while people shouted more - from We Are Willows closing set.

We were pop up virgins.
Well until last weekend when we were lucky enough to be the headline vintage seller at the Sailor Jerry pop up at The Kings Head pub in Crouch End. It was a great experience for us and shop dog Rose who behaved so well - we felt the glow of pride when people commented on how good she is (she isn't at home she is bordering on evil). We had a vintage helper over the weekend Emma Jones - who helped dress the stalls and while away the hours and go out to get cake based supplies.  Because it was Sailor Jerry we obviously stole loads of the cups, posters and covered ourselves in his fake tattoos - we think he would of been proud! We loved being apart of it and felt like a little family by the end of it.
A massive thanks to The Kings Head pub for putting it on

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