Friday, 1 February 2013

Party till your dog's leg hurts

Party till your dog’s leg hurts.

We are great believers in a party here at Painted Black. And we put on lots of late night events – we have had several since opening in January 2012. The Crouch End Festival where Animal Kingdom played an acoustic set in store (the best night of my life), A retro Avon party to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, the monthly Barboot where we stay open late with music, free booze and independent stalls dotted all over the place – happens the first Friday of every month, The End Festival which took place over two nights where we had seven bands play live in store our favourites being We Are Willow and we’ve had Halloween parties where we have all dressed up and smashed the life out of a piñata.
We see the importance being more than just a clothes shop – we want to be a destination that people think of as having things going on, being apart of the community and more than anything a place that’s fun.

2013 will bring with it lots of new late night events and charity events and live performances from musicians to actors and artists. We love our shop and all the diversity we can offer just by thinking outside of the box and saying yes to people and friends who come up with ideas. At the moment we are working on a top-secret silent fashion auction for our favourite charity Little Hens Rescue – we will keep you posted.
To be a part of our night life then come in store and talk to us about what you want to do or email us

Also if you like us on Facebook or follows us on Twitter _paintedblack_ we will keep you updated on all the on goings and also pictures of the goddess Shop Dog Rose too .

Love PB x

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