Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Vintage Kin

Vintage Kin

The world of vintage is very small, which I did not realise before opening the shop. On the opening week people came from all over London saying they had heard we were opening and they own this shop or work at this magazine. Now this is both nice and unsettling (someone who I will call mean came in on my first day and yes I did do a little cry afterwards but that only happened once) as you have the feeling that you are being sized up, what are your prices like, your stock, your shop decoration and even the outfit you are wearing! But as times goes on you realise they are all here to support you to take some of your shop flyers, do a Follow Friday on Twitter and wish you well and say yes times are hard but stick with it you will do alright.

I have had people buy stuff from my shop who own their own shop and not ask for a discount or mates rates they are trying to support you – because you are vintage kin. Through this a network builds up where you become known, others recommend you and things happen. Like Lena who own Vintage Guide to London who wrote a review when we first opened and through that we have got in to Time Out from her piece on us and we also won 2012 Best New Vintage Shop too. It is this kinship that makes you feel that you have become part of a community and that unlike big chains we are not competing with each other we are just trying to survive in this though time. 

Here is a few of our favourite local vintage shops.

Cha Cha Cha in the mews in Muswell Hill, they have loads of beautiful dresses and their prices are really great they stock a small men’s section with really cool pieces and they have vintage furniture and home ware – oh and they sell online too
20-22 Avenue Mews N10 3NP

Mishka in Middle Lane Crouch End now this shop truly is a treasure trove filled with Ossie Clark’s and original twenties gowns and the owner lizzie is beyond lovely and knows loads about vintage fashion too.
210-212 Middle Lane, Tottenham
London, N8 7LA

And lastly is Rock Candy on Holloway road the owner Emma has a great eye for what’s on trend this season and her prices are crazy cheap she also sells online too and is well worth a visit.
Rock Candy is located at 716 Holloway Road, London, N19 3NH.

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