Monday, 4 February 2013

Wonderful Women

Last night was my first every group meeting – and no it was not the AA, it was a female business group called ‘Wonderful Women’ – set up and run by ReeRee Rockette who owns Rockalily cuts. I am far from a group person and typically find the idea of standing up saying ‘Hi I am Amelia and I own Painted Black’, can make me break out in a cold sweat. But I went as I am a grown up, I am nearly thirty for Christ sakes! 

I found the group to filled with a complete mixture of women at differing stages in their careers and in completely different fields, which for me was really interesting and refreshing. There was no alpha female taking the lead and making her voice heard the loudest, it was like meeting up with some friends over a drink and talking about your life, career and aspirations and fears. We all had something to bring a new perspective, contacts that we had acquired through our own careers that we could offer out, life experience that can put a new spin on things. But mostly it just felt nice to be a part of something where everyone was focused on one thing there business and wanting to make it grown and sustain. 

We were not competing with each other and talking about turnover and net profit, but we were instead helping to focus each other in what we want to achieve. Afterwards I felt like not only had I achieved something by breaking my group virginity (sounds far dirtier than it is) but that I had gained some new contacts that I could ask advice from and offer up my services too.

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