Thursday, 14 March 2013

Launching an online shop to rival Asos (only kidding) and our first customer being a celebrity

Everyone says online is the new way to shop - and I mean everyone. Asos is the second biggest commodity website globally and we want a piece of that pie or even a slice okay some crumbs.

So we thought we would bite the expensive bullet and launch our online shop. This is both terribly exciting but also some what scary, its like opening our doors again after being open a year. Will anyone like our stuff, does the website look stylish and function properly - will the Post Office elite finally let me take my dog in so I can post stuff? These kind of questions keep us up at night. 

It takes a surprisingly long time to have a complete redesign of your website, catalogue all your stock - or most of it (blame television and chocolate) pick a font - that is much harder then would seem, think of colour schemes, and take the pictures and not spend most of the day taking photos of Shop dog Rose laying on her back - now thats the hardest.

We have taken thousands of pictures, bought pieces which will be exclusive to Painted Black online. All we need to do is put everything together and work with our web guy - who actually is a web girl to create something that we love. Our launch date is the end of March and we are really excited to see our shop become global.

So keep your eyes peeled to where you can come and get your vintage fix.

Oh and we are having a launch party on the first friday of April to celebrate - with wine music and chocolate - how we love a party.

Since the launch our first customer was a beautiful stylist Pip buying pieces for the Canadian Opera singer Hayley Westenra who loved our 50's blue cocktail dress and may be using it for her front cover of her new album.


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  1. You are getting your inspiration from the right directions. Everybody can dream. Ten years from now, your shop, too, might be one of the clothing brands that everybody would go crazy for, who knows? Big businesses today didn't start big. They were small, too, and also started from the bottom step of the ladder of success. I hope that you keep that passion and determination through the ups and downs of your journey to the top.

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