Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why We Love Rose Draws

The art of styling a shop window.

Here at Painted Black we are lucky enough to be friends with lots of creative types – and our in house resident artist Rose Hudson, pops in from time to time to create some amazing shop graphics and artwork. One of our favorite pieces being the brilliant Beatles window, which was created for Mothers Day.

We realize the importance of window dressing and every Monday we have a complete window change. We can either theme our window – we have done seaside, lazy day in the sunshine, 50’s glamour and 60’s pop. We have even had levitating felt animals heads (we are nothing if not inventive). We always try and draw people in with our displays. Its always our chance to be creative and have fun. Our window at the moment is Spring themed (call it wishful thinking) We have flower mannequin heads, floral wreaths and baskets of fresh flowers.

Although our budget is not very big we are always inventive and reuse some of our props, this is part of the perk of going on buying trips, is the props you can find. One of our favorite was a original 50’s metal rocking horse which adorned our central window for Christmas. Next week we are doing a record display – showcasing our 70’s record player and gramophone.

Pop by each Monday to see Amelia the owner beavering away.
Love PB

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